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Car and Trucks Don’t Always Mix

Truckers often complain about the four-wheelers. That is you and I in our personal automobiles. Trucking accidents were down in 2004 by the number of miles driven per accident. However they were slightly up as 11% more trucks are on the road because the economy picked up and more products had to be delivered to […]

Tire Safety on Work Trucks

Many companies have utility trucks or box trucks. You must pay attention to the tires to prevent excessive wear and dangerous situations. It is important to buy truck tires for the rear of your work trucks and vans due to weight factors. You never know when you are going to put a heavier than usual […]

Easy Pass for Trucks in PA

Toll Roads in Pennsylvania have often been blamed for the states problematic economy. It is true that when you impede traffic you slow the flows of civilization. This is similar to an over all tax on society, as everything you buy or sell comes by truck. Many Think Tanks have obviously discussed the issues with […]

Truck Traffic

Truck Traffic in the United States is up and with all this construction traffic is slowed. With the construction and the hours allowed to drive reduced, more trucks are needed yet cannot be afforded as trucking companies consolidate and resort to hiring parolees as drivers due to the fact there is no drivers. No rest […]

Overland with the Independent Adventure Truck

Transcontinental journeys are no mean feat, you need a sturdy; trustworthy companion. Not just any auxiliary travel buddy, but a solid, dependable vehicle. When it comes to choosing that vehicle, nothing beats an Overland Expedition Truck, Here’s why… Some of the key features of an Overland Expedition Vehicle: Completing successful African and Middle Eastern tours […]