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Top technologies introduced by Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover is using technology to make driving smarter, safer, and more environmentally friendly. You can contribute to a world where environmentally friendly, sustainable automobiles revolutionize the driving experience for future generations. Their mission is to use technology’s immense potential to create vehicles that not only provide a premium digital experience but also improve […]

How to Arrange for a Car MOT


The MOT is an annual test that is carried out to determine the roadworthiness of a vehicle. If your car does not pass the MOT, it will not be allowed on the roads. If you do take it out on the roads, you might receive a hefty fine. Thankfully, while the test is officially mandated […]

Mitsubishi will have 7 plug-in hybrid models in 7 or 8 years

Mitsubishi is back in force after a few moribund years. The manufacturer sold more than 5,000 copies of its new plug-in Hybrid Outlander PHEV last year, a freakish and honestly unexpected success. The Japanese manufacturer wants to replicate the success of the Outlander PHEV to go up the slope and return to profitability, it is […]

Youth ATV tracks

Youths need constant adventure and they also need a change of scenery once in a while. This is especially true when it comes to ATV tracks. Even adults will tire of the same ATV track after a while, much less a youth with a lot of enthusiasm, drive and need for adrenalin rush. There’s nothing […]

Camping with Dogs – Campground Etiquette

Camping Etiquette for Dogs 1) Always keep your dog on a leash: This sounds so trite and as a dog owner you have heard it time and time again. But, it is one of the most common problems. There are a number of issues associated with letting your dog off-leash in a campground. First, they […]

Automobile Restoration A Serious Undertaking

It’s a serious undertaking when you restore a car, the biggest part of it is to be prepared for anything, if your doing it yourself then make sure that you have a good system for cataloging the parts that come off of the car that your doing, and be prepared for the un foreseen, it’s […]

RV Generators

RV generators are what truly make your RV fully self-contained. What a feature, instant electricity at the push of a button. We take electricity for granted in our homes because we don’t have to do anything to get it, with the exception of paying our monthly electric bill. This is part of the problem with […]

The Search For That Elusive Classic Car

There are some people who do love to collect cars especially those classics. One of the more famous celebrities who do own a great deal of vehicles – classic or not – is Jay Leno and he has around hundreds of these vehicles in his garage, or collection. You, too, can have and start your […]

Live In Your Minivan

Dodge Caravan is a 1984 model minivan built by Chrysler. It was slightly modified in 1987 by the introduction of a longer wheelbase that was called Grand Caravan. The Caravan is an offshoot of a 1974 prototype, then dubbed as ‘Maxivan’, that was rejected by Henry Ford II when Lee Lacocca proposed this for manufacturing […]

RV Battery Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of your RV batteries depends on you. How they’re used, how well they’re maintained, how they’re discharged, how they’re re-charged, and how they are stored all contribute to a batteries life span. A battery cycle is one complete discharge from 100% down to about 50% and then re-charged back to 100%. One […]