Month: May 2017

Tire Safety on Work Trucks

Many companies have utility trucks or box trucks. You must pay attention to the tires to prevent excessive wear and dangerous situations. It is important to buy truck tires for the rear of your work trucks and vans due to weight factors. You never know when you are going to put a heavier than usual […]

Motorcycle Accidents Preparing Your Case

Motorcycle accident is an unexpected occurrence that results to shock and trauma, serious physical injuries and death. The most common reason of a motorcycle accident, which contributed to the 50% of the motorcycle vehicle, is due to the failure of another motorist to see the motorcycle. It is estimated that 75% of motorcycle accidents involve […]

Fun Facts about ATV snow plows

Oh…the fun we all have come winter time…the snowmen, the Christmas atmosphere, making angels on snow-covered ground, slushing around in knee-high boots in melting snow…but oh, the shoveling! One of the worst things about winter time is the back-breaking shoveling and that is precisely why many households own at least one ATV show plows these […]