Dodge Caravan is a 1984 model minivan built by Chrysler. It was slightly modified in 1987 by the introduction of a longer wheelbase that was called Grand Caravan. The Caravan is an offshoot of a 1974 prototype, then dubbed as ‘Maxivan’, that was rejected by Henry Ford II when Lee Lacocca proposed this for manufacturing by Ford Motor Corporation. Lococca brought this concept when he helped then ailing Chrysler to recover. It was named T115 minivan before it was officially badged as Caravan and its cousin, the Voyager. The Caravan and the Town and Country are Chrysler’s main entry to the minivan race.

The 2008 model is an amazingly comfortable travel companion. In terms of engine power, there are 3.3L, 3.8L and 4.0L single overhead camshaft aluminum (SOHC) V6 variants of the Caravan. The smaller 3.3L V6 is a flex-fuel (E85 ethanol-blend enabled engine) is matched with a revolutionary 41TE 4-speed automatic transmission. The larger 3.8L and the more powerful 4.0L SOHC engines with a capacity of 251 horsepower is blended with a state-of-the-art 6-speed automatic transmission. The highly variable transmission system allows the powerful engine to optimize fuel consumption by minimizing engine overrun.

The Caravan is aptly described as the extension of your own living room. This model is highly engineered to achieve highest level of functionality in its interiors. It is designed like an organizer with just the right kind of storage for your needs on the go. An eye-popping “in-floor storage” makes it an undercover truck, where you can carry cargo that is completely concealed.

The overhead bin is also action-packed with abundant space for your needs while traveling, plus a DVD flat screen that could be easily folded back for a roomy interior. A premium center console allows one to travel like sitting in a 707 business class airline.

There are provisions for keeping tea cups everywhere. The side console is noticeably wide and equipped with all those space-saving goodness to make your travel very much comfortable. Even lunch boxes nicely fit in one side compartment. There is even a specially designed space for your umbrellas, purse, mobile phones and everything. The backseats could turn into a kid’s mobile library because of ample provision of storage bins for books. The front console is ergonomically designed, with a unique placement of the transmission lever way up to the front console, thus, saving much floor space in front. There is enough room provided for other possessions such as DVDs discs, folders, notebooks, eyeglasses, and practically everything gadget that one might need and may not need at all. There is even a provision for a coat’s hanger, and so not steal that space intended for the rear passenger’s grip.

The side door is fully automated, it opens and closes with just a touch of a button, and the door locks automatically too. So keep that electronic key secured with Dodge Caravan Keychains. Chrome, metal and leather varieties of this stunning key ornament proudly sporting Dodge’s ram head logo are available. Be careful, however, because the Dodge badge was reported to be steaming hot in the eyes of thieves. In fact, it has been confirmed that there are more Ram head aluminum badge stolen from the automobile hoods than the popular Mercedes Benz three-striped star. Flaunt that stylist keychain selectively.

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