Tire Safety on Work Trucks

Many companies have utility trucks or box trucks. You must pay attention to the tires to prevent excessive wear and dangerous situations. It is important to buy truck tires for the rear of your work trucks and vans due to weight factors. You never know when you are going to put a heavier than usual load on them. Proper tire inflation pressure is essential to the safe and satisfactory operation of your work vans and trucks. If the tires in the rear of the tuck are duallies then be sure to look at both the inner and the outer tires, it is quite common for operators to run an inside flat and not even notice it. Train your crews to be observant and do a quick walk around or preflight. Inflation is one of the most critical issues:

Improperly inflated tires are dangerous and can cause accidents.

Underinflation increases tire flexing and can result in tire failure.

Overinflation reduces a tire’s ability to cushion shock. Objects on the road and potholes can cause damage that may result in tire failure.

Unequal tire pressure can cause steering problems. You could lose control of your vehicle.

Always drive with each tire inflated to the recommended pressure.

Improper inflation pressures can cause rapid tread wear resulting in failure or a need for earlier tire replacement. This also increases tires rolling resistance and results in higher fuel consumption. Hey, let’s face it. If you save money in gas you make more profit and at these pump prices that is a great idea.

Another consideration is of course comfort, stability and jarring. The last thing you want to have is your 7-11 Supergulp to end up in your lap or your mornings coffee all over the seat and floor. Obviously, you are well aware that properly inflated tires contribute to a more comfortable ride and you are now justified in your belief that such a situation causes unnecessary tire wear. Over inflation can also be dangerous and causes:

Excessive liquid movement if you are hauling containers of liquid

Turns normal speed bumps into bumps from hell

Misalignment of pulleys and belts on portable generators and equipment

Over responsiveness on high speed turns

Shakes tools, products and road assistance kits to depart the vehicle while driving down the road; ever see stuff from work trucks in the road? Make sure it does not happen to you.

Remember: Tire pressure increases when the friction heats up the tires while driving. It might increase two to ten extra PSI depending on load factors and speed of driving. Do not drive your work trucks over 75 mph when it’s carrying a full load. Don’t drive over 65 mph when there is traffic and you might have to make a sudden lane change. Radial ply tires are great for the front and we recommend real truck rated radial ply tires for the rear. Tire safety can save you from an accident and someone’s life. Think about it.

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