Easy Pass for Trucks in PA

Toll Roads in Pennsylvania have often been blamed for the states problematic economy. It is true that when you impede traffic you slow the flows of civilization. This is similar to an over all tax on society, as everything you buy or sell comes by truck. Many Think Tanks have obviously discussed the issues with Pay Toll Highways in the North East and PA is no exception: Great to see the Express Lane for logistics but really why the toll? Here is a thought on the matter? Nearly all of the Toll Ways in America have raised their rates in the past three years. But with high oil prices this is no time to further hammer on businesses, consumers and trucking companies.

Even though everyone knows that Increases in America’s Toll Ways, Always Takes it’s Toll on Americans, some of these increases are from stressed budgets, well at least this is the excuse from politicians who pass the buck and from bureaucrats who miss manage public funds. Corporations are to be held to the highest of credibility and transparency, yet these colossal giant cluster muck DOT bureaucracies not only impede traffic, but the cost small businesses, citizens millions in the process. How SO? Well first as cars idle to wait in line to pay toll, sometimes in large traffic jams for instance NJ turnpike to NYC, or NY to MASS Turnpike, or Oakland Bay Bridge into San Fran. This causes excessive pollution and clogged arteries (Infrastructure Type). The health issues of pollution are well known as well as the added problems to our health care system in the United States.

The EPA does not control this pollution and instead attacks businesses to reduce. In many cities and states there are idling laws for truckers who could cause pollution such as IL, Ontario Canada, CA, MA and other places. Some say these laws are good and help curb pollution, even the DOT prohibits the idling at many rest stops, the same DOT which allows traffic to snarl up and cause pollution.

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