Truck Traffic in the United States is up and with all this construction traffic is slowed. With the construction and the hours allowed to drive reduced, more trucks are needed yet cannot be afforded as trucking companies consolidate and resort to hiring parolees as drivers due to the fact there is no drivers. No rest stops to hold the trucks either due to the increase.

Many cities rebelling with no trucks allowed on city streets such as in New Jersey. Stay on the freeway and keep driving even though it is now against the law to drive more than eight hours and traffic is increased due to number of trucks, increased permit regulations, down sizing of state staff to issue permits, reduced hours to issue permits. What is going on here? OFR, over-friggin-regulation, on top of fuel price increases. By messing up Americas distribution system we are crippling America, and I would not be surprised if there is a nation wide truckers strike. You want to see this nation fall to its knees. It would take less than 6 days. There would be rioting in the streets, runs on what was left at the grocery stores, no power, nothing. Also Clinton got passed the reduction completely of Sulfur in Diesel Fuel by 2006. Sounds good? Wait, will that be another excuse to raise fuel prices by 10-20 cents per gallon?

At this point we cannot sustain that hit. If Diesel keeps creeping up we may see it at another 45 cents per gallon. Why, we have everything we need to control those prices. Engines run a little less hot without the sulfur, which activates on compression with other compounds in the fuel and heats up. If Diesel fuel in Northern states in the winter do not burn hot then we will lose critical engine life of all existing diesel engines. Good for manufacturers of engines yet those engines will need the torque to pull the heavy loads and triples and 53 footers with 90,000 lbs. Otherwise you will have more trucks on the road and more inexperienced truck drivers who do not speak English and cannot read road signs. We need to pay attention and think about the cause and affect of over regulation and fuel price spikes.

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