Overland with the Independent Adventure Truck

Transcontinental journeys are no mean feat, you need a sturdy; trustworthy companion. Not just any auxiliary travel buddy, but a solid, dependable vehicle. When it comes to choosing that vehicle, nothing beats an Overland Expedition Truck, Here’s why…

Some of the key features of an Overland Expedition Vehicle:

Completing successful African and Middle Eastern tours in extreme conditions requires a vehicle with grit. Overland trucks provide just that. They’re built for one purpose and that’s getting you there.

Overland vehicles are not just tough – a big part of the journey is also the enjoyment provided by the truck’s large windows, helping you capture those lasting impressions of unexplored territory.

The best overland trucks always provide one unique vantage point in particular, known as “The Beach”, but that we will discuss this shortly.

Before a journey begins, it is essential that the vehicle visit the workshop every three months and go for extensive services prior to the trip. During the trip preventative maintenance also needs to be carried out by a qualified driver.

What makes overland travel in a purpose-built truck so much fun?

All trucks are equipped with:

Inward-facing coach seats with head rests that are specifically designed to provide more storage space for your souvenirs, greater luggage capacity for you and a lot of room for your legs, allowing you to stretch out on longer overland journeys.

This may mean fewer passengers on a trip than there would be with a ‘bus’ layout with narrow aisles, but the extra space is always appreciated!

The previously mentioned feature is “The Beach” and it’s the undisputed highlight of the Overland Vehicle. It enables several people to sit on the roof while giving them the thrill of a 360° panoramic view. To be up and out in the open on an African or Middle Eastern tour is the closest you’ll ever get to dreaming with your eyes wide open.

Other features you’ll notice while rambling through desert climates and over the African savannah:

The convenient under-seat storage spaces that are excellent for storing your backpack and providing easy access, even while driving.

Side and rear roll-up windows, (if you’re having a bad hair day) provide extensive views from inside the vehicle and can be rolled down for protection in case of an emergency. Holiday snaps are so much easier without a bug in your eye.

Large water, fuel and food carrying capacities (no explanation required).

Onboard truck safe and library, overhead lockers, cassette stereo and a professionally-compiled medical kit (we never lock the medical kit in the safe).

Comprehensive range of spare truck parts and tools.

Spacious two-person tents with built-in ground sheets and mosquito netting, gas cookers, cooking gear and cutlery, cooler boxes, tables, camp stools and all-weather awnings (for cooking and shade).

All overland expedition trucks for our Africa and Middle East tours are equipped with sand mats and, where necessary, tyre chains and winches (you’ll find out why, when you get there).

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